What is SendEth2.me?

Send Ether to Me (SendEth2.me) is an attempt to port Buy Me a Coffee to Ethereum blockchain.

With the help of this project developers, influencers, market analysts or anybody helping the community with his knowledge and ideas for free can easily integrate "support me" buttons to their sites.

If HTML level access is not available to the site (for example in case of online content editors like WordPress or Medium.com), then with a single link to this site, supporters can show their thank through only a few clicks.

Previusly only Ethereum addresses were shared with "send me some ether" messages next to it, which let's be honest, does not give that great user experience. With the help of this site, content providers only need to share the link to this site with their account address set as argument and that is all. Something like this:

To customize the form with additional pre-filled values (like the amount or button caption) see our generator page.

If you find this project useful, or you think it is totally useless but for some reason you still want us to continue working on it, drop us some ether.

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